Canary Islands bracing for High Winds & Rainfall

Image courtesy Aemet

The Islands of La Palma and Tenerife have been put on Red Alert for High Winds and Heavy Rainfall. Wind Speeds of 100kph are predicted with up to 120mm of rainfall accompanying the front from Wednesday 11 December 2013.

Residents of those Islands are no strangers to storms, Sub Tropical or otherwise. In 2005 Tropical Storm Delta made Meteorlogical History in the Canary Islands. It too, was formed  South East off of the Azores, on the 23 November 2005. There was nothing tropical about it at that time. The Storm initally headed South before turning North East, heading directly for the Canary Islands. Then on the afternoon of Monday 28 November 2005 the Winds came. 150kph on the coast and 250kph in the High zones of Tenerife. Tropical Storm Delta literally tore through the Islands and everthing in its path. 7 Lives were lost that day.

Cecopal (the Centro de Coordinación Operativa de Emergencias – municipal emergency coordination centre) has now been activated. This decision now closes Councils and any Municipal Acts,and this evening the Adeje tourism authorities in Tenerife have sent a communication to the entire hotel sector about the weather alert and the cancellation of outdoor and excursion activities, and have recommended that tourists remain indoors in their holiday accommodation. The public are being urged by Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga to “remain calm”  and went on to say that “this decision allows for a better  reaction to the weather situation and coordination with other emergency organizations and that the public should stay calm and follow instructions. These include staying at home and avoiding all but essential travel”

Tropical Storm Delta 2005 :


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