Comet ISON break-up: What could happen on Dec 16th in South Africa

The story of the comet ISON continues to unfold before our eyes. It’s worth paying attention to this one.

The comet has broken up into billions of waves. More to the point, there is talk of a pagan ritual set to take place at a South African temple on the 16th at the end of the Mandela funeral event. Who will be in attendance?

Dahboo77 offers brilliant commentary on this historic event…


It started with me noticing that ISON was perfectly equal distanced with Venus and Earth on this day, forming a perfect triangle/pyramid. Then we noticed that with the sun added we got a perfect cross. 

I then realized that December 16th is the end of the Mayan Tzolkin calendar…

Then , I found that the moon and sun would both be in their Gates on this date ..Do you know how rare that is ?

And now, to top it all off – all the world leaders will be in South Africa where there is a huge Sun Temple designed for December 16th…


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