Pneumonic Plague now hits Peru, 6 dead so far



There are now 6 confirmed cases of pneumonic plague in La Libertad. as reported yesterday, by the regional manager of Health, Jose Evangelista Vargas. “We are waiting for the laboratory tests of 6 other people that were evaluated for some symptoms of infection with the plague bacillus, Yersinia pestis. One of the new infected is a worker in a funeral home.” Of the confirmed cases, unfortunately one died: a 17 year old girl who lived in a sector of the town of Visnea Mocanera, in the district of Casa Grande, in the province of Ascope. The Health Authority explained that due to ignorance, the deceased with plague was taken from the morgue of the Regional Teaching Hospital in Trujillo (HRDT) and subsequently transferred to a funeral home, where a worker of the funeral home who manipulated the corpse was infected with the bacteriu. A 68 year old woman and her husband are thought to have pneumonic plague in addition to a doctor who became infected when providing medical care to some of those cases. Of the 6 confirmed cases, 4 were in the province of Ascope, while a person contracted the plague in the Regional Hospital and the other is of an unclear source.


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