Weather Phenomenon Canary Islands

Snow and Hail at Guaza, Tenerife South

Snow and Hail at Guaza, Tenerife South

AcanMet put out the warning last week, and right on schedule the Storm arrived. Snow was forecast for Mountainous Regions above 1800m,,but it caught us all on the Hop! Just after 4am this morning, giant Hailstones battered the coastline and low lying mountains in Tenerife, accompanied by an electrical storm which delivered some 2000 lightning strikes in four and a half hours.

When the weather came in at just after 4am this morning, it came in the form of Snow, Hail and sleet right down to the coast.

Access roads to Mount Teide are closed because of ice, and conditions up there are so challenging that the search for missing athlete Victor Teni has been suspended today: there’s a complete white-out and temperatures are down to -5ºC !!!!. Down on the coast the hail has been replaced by persistent rain and low temperatures. At 1km altitude we have 9º. The Sub Tropical Climate of the Canary Islands, guaranteeing Summer 365 days, is starting to turn on its Axis. Lets hope that the Tourists do not see it this way..
Below is a pic of Guaza at stupid o’clock this morning…approx 25m above sea level, where the snow should NOT fall


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