Putin Orders Largest Air Defense Drill In History As War Fears Accelerate

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is reporting that President Putin has ordered the Western Military Districts air-defenses to proceed into an immediate war footing posture in response to the unprovoked, and illegal, NATO aggressions against Russia bringing the United States and Russia even closer to direct conflict than at any time since the 1983 Autumn Forge Crisis that was “moments away” from causing a nuclear Armageddon.

District spokesman Col. Oleg Kochetkov in describing the implementation of Putin’s order further stated, “It is for the first time that all air defense units from the district, including coastal defenses of the Northern Fleet, have gathered in one place and is the largest-ever exercise held by air defense units of the Western Military District.”

The NATO aggressions against Russia cited by Putin in his extraordinary order, this report continues, was the United States sending to their member states Poland and Lithuania combat aircraft in “clear violation” of their charter as no threats to this Western military bloc have been made.

As previously reported on, in Putin’s 4 March order for key military units and ministry officials to report to their assigned atomic-proof bomb shelters noted that Russia’s actions in protecting Crimea, and other in danger areas of this volatile region, in no way threatened NATO, and as Ukraine has never been a member of this Western military bloc is not entitled to either its interference or protection.

During a telephonic conversation with President Obama yesterday, this report says, Putin stressed this point and noted that as a result of the anti-constitutional coup that does not have a national mandate, the current Ukrainian leadership is imposing upon the Eastern and Southeastern regions of Ukraine and Crimea absolutely illegitimate decisions which Russia can not ignore and that the Kremlin is acting appropriately and in full compliance with international law.

To the illegal US-backed fascist government installed in Ukraine, this report notes, the American people are not being told by their Obama regime backed mainstream media the truth of who these Neo-Nazi monsters are.  This cannot be said, however, of BBC whose reporter Gabriel Gatehouse who filed a video report [See video below]detailing their atrocities and associations.

Even more appalling, this report says, has been the Obama regime supported mainstream propaganda media’s refusal to allow the American people to hear the shocking leaked conversation [See video below] between EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton and Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet where it was acknowledged that the deaths of protesters were caused by snipers hired by Ukraine’s new fascist government.

Equally appalling, and as we had, also, previously reported on, the American people, likewise, are not being told of the Federal Security Service (FSB) leak last month of a highly encrypted telephone conversation [See video below] between the US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland and the American Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, wherein this top US State Department official was discovered engineering the overthrow of the Ukrainian government and shaming her European counterparts by saying “Fuck the EU.”

With Ukrainian military forces now abandoning bases in Crimea after being warned they are now “enemy combatants,” this report says, it is now apparent that the Obama regime is going to allow these Right Sector Neo-Nazis to run rampant across Ukraine not unlike they have done by supporting the brutal Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria tearing that nation apart.

Even though former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger warned the Obama regime today that “the demonization of Vladimir Putin is not a policy; it is an alibi for the absence of one,” this reports grave summation warns, it leaves one wondering if anyone in America is really aware of how close nuclear war is….or if they even care.



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