Crimean delegation to fly to Moscow on Monday to apply for joining Russian Federation

Photo: RIA Novosti

Photo: RIA Novosti

Crimea’s regional government will make a formal application Monday to join the Russian Federation, the local pro-Moscow leader said on Twitter after a disputed referendum to break away from Ukraine.”The Supreme Soviet of Crimea will make an official application for the republic to join the Russian Federation at a meeting on March 17,”Sergiy Aksyonov said in a tweet.

Crimea will join Russia as soon as possible, Crimean Prime Minister Sergei Aksyonov said on Sunday.

“We will do everything as soon as possible in accordance with all legal procedures,” Aksyonov said.

The Crimean Supreme Council will convene on Monday morning to ask the Russian president to join to Russia, he said. It was reported earlier that 93 percent of Crimea residents voted for joining Russia on Sunday, an exit poll publicized by the Rossiya 24 TV channel showed.

Seven percent of Crimeans favored being a part of Ukraine. The voter turnout exceeded 80 percent.

In line with Russian laws Crimea may become a region of Russia if the majority of Crimeans support the decision at a referendum.

After the Russian president gets a request from a country that wishes to become a part of Russia, he notifies  it to both chambers of the Russian parliament, the Federal Assembly, and the government and holds consultations with them.

Then an international agreement should be signed between Russia and the country that wants to join Russia.

The agreement should regulate the name and the status of the new region and the order of acquiring Russian citizenship.

The agreement may provide for a transition period during which the new region must be integrated into Russia’s economic, financial, political and legal systems of Russia.

After the agreement is signed, the Russian president requests the Russian Constitutional Court to check the agreement’s compliance with the Russian Constitution.

The president then introduces the agreement for ratification and a federal constitutional bill on the adoption of a new region for approval to the State Duma, the lower chamber of the Russian parliament.

The agreement and the bill then go for approval to the Federation Council, the upper chamber of the Russian parliament.

State Duma to approve laws on Crimea’s accession to Russia quickly – lawmaker

Leader of the A Just Russia Party Sergei Mironov told Channel One on Sunday the State Duma, lower house of Russia’s parliament, will quickly approve all laws on Crimea’s accession to Russia. “We’ll approve all laws as soon as reasonably possible,” Mironov said. “All will happen strictly and quickly. Our Crimean brothers should not doubt,” he said.

Voice of Russia, Interfax, TASS



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