Mile Long Mudslide, Snohoish County, At Least One House Swept Away



Cascade Valley Hospital in Arlington has been alerted at least 15 homes may have been wiped out in the slide. Cascade Valley Hospital has received four patients, but the severity of the injuries were not disclosed. 2 People are already confirmed dead, Harborview Medical Center confirms they have received patients from the mudslide, at least one in critical condition, said Susan Gregg, hospital spokeswoman. Officials are encouraging people to bring blankets, clothing and food to the hospital to be ready.

A mudslide, carrying at least one house with people inside, is blocking Highway 530 near Oso, in Snohomish County.

According to State Trooper Mark Francis at least one house is in the slide, which occurred mid-morning, and someone was calling for help.

The trooper said more people may be trapped, and search and rescue crews are headed there.

“The first responders have to do what they do best and they take priority,” said Bart Treece of the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Homes near the slide area are being evacuated as emergency workers are concerned that the river water backed up above by the slide may spill around it, potentially affecting a much larger area.  Law-enforcement officers are going door-to-door in the area to evacuate residents.  Emergency workers are also using the reverse 911 phone system to alert people along the highway from the slide area to the town of Arlington, about 14 miles.



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