US Violates UN Convention against Torture – Russian Foreign Ministry

181779056Washington violates UN Convention against Torture by delaying declassification of the US Senate Report on George W. Bush-era CIA torture techniques, Konstantin Dolgov, Russian Foreign Ministry Commissioner for Human Rights, said Wednesday.

“The Obama administration violates the Convention against Torture by delaying declassification of the Report and by refusing to bring the perpetrators to justice,” Dolgov wrote in his Twitter micro-blog.

Dolgov also noted that the leaks in the media indicate that internal investigation by US authorities might have revealed previously undisclosed methods of torture.

US senators continue to insist that the Report on CIA torture techniques under George W. Bush administration should be released as soon as possible.

Russian government has already expressed deep concern over human rights violations in the US.

A Russian delegation visited the US military jail at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba in January to meet a Russian prisoner and to convince Washington that the facility must be closed down as soon as possible.

Since it was established in 2002, the Guantanamo Bay detention camp has been the target of criticism by human rights activists and many international government officials, who have condemned its controversial interrogation methods and the dubious legality of holding prisoners indefinitely without charging them with crimes.

Force-feeding is one of the most notorious techniques used in Guantanamo. It involves the use of force and physical restraints to immobilize hunger strikers without their consent and compel them to take food, especially by means of a tube inserted into the throat.

The UN Human Rights Commission repeatedly condemned force-feeding at Guantanamo as both a form of torture and a breach of international law.




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