Putin Gives Dreaded “Black Notice” To All Russian Ministries


A troubling new report released by the Ministry of Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (EMERCOM) today states that President Putin has issued a dreaded “Black Notice” to all Russian ministries banning the foreign travel of all “vital and essential” civilian and military persons under the powers granted to him by Articles 87 and 88 of the Constitution.

The term “Black Notice” is used to describe a Presidential Decree as authorized by Article 90 of the Constitution and has historically only been utilized in times of war or severe national threats such as natural disasters.

This report notes that this “Black Notice” order applies these travel restrictions to all employees like the country’s firefighters, ambulance drivers and rescue troopers and has also been imposed for parts of employees under the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD), including tens of thousands of police officers, prison guards, and other law enforcement agencies like the Federal Drug Control and the Federal Migration Service.

Others listed under this “Black Notice” are people with access to state secrets, like certain employees of the Foreign Ministry. According to estimates, they are around 250,000 people affected in all.

This latest “defensive war move” by Putin, this report notes, comes on the heels of Russian gas giant Gazprom(the largest extractor of natural gas and one of the largest companies in the world) giving a 2 June ultimatum to the US-backed right-wing fascist Ukrainian junta to pay its over $3.51 billion (US) gas bill or have all of its energy supplies cut off.

Important to note, this report says, is that Ukraine has already received the funds to pay off this staggering gas bill from the EU and IMF but has stated that they will “not pay a cent” unless Moscow agrees to the price that they want.

Furthermore, this report continues, even though Russian Deputy Energy Minister Anatoly Yanovsky said Moscow would consider a compromise on natural gas prices with Ukraine only after its neighbor pays its debt for previous supplies, Ukraine still hasn’t used any of the funds received under a $27 billion international package to pay down its gas debt.

Though both the US and EU are continuing to exert war-like pressures against Russia in regards to Ukraine’s unpaid gas debt, this report notes, these same Western powers have been “abysmally silent” over Ukraine’s 26 April cutting off all water supplies to Crimea’s nearly 2.4 million civilians over a supposed debt of around $146,500.

Even worse, this report notes, are new reports coming from pro-federalist eastern Ukrainian regions who are now stating that at least 400 US commandos have now joined the military offensive against these once peaceful peoples, and in an international affront have begun illegally transporting combat troops using United Nations helicopters. [Photo 3rd left]

Most ominous, perhaps, in this report is its stating that the Security Council of Russia and the Committee for National Security and Defence of Cuba signed a memorandum on cooperation in Moscow earlier today and agreed to set up a joint working group, a move that comes at the same time the US started a nationwide nuclear drill after similar nuclear war games were held in Russia last week.

To if our world today is beginning to mirror the horrifying specter of the13-day confrontation in October 1962 known as the Cuban Missile Crisis there remains little doubt as the Western world, led by the Obama regime, appears intent upon a tragic and catastrophic confrontation with Russia.

Even though Putin warned last week that militant nationalism like that being seen in Ukraine, which has led to the appearance of Nazi ideology, is raising its head once again in Europe, and a secret cable released by Wikileaks yesterday revealed that Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned Washington as far back as 2008 that US-EU-NATO meddling in Ukraine could split the country in two, the Obama regime appears intent upon pushing our world towards total war.

As to the “true” reason for this war wanted by the Obama regime and its EU allies we had explained in our 29 April report Armageddon Warned Near As Russia Orders “All-Out War” On Petrodollar, and which today has been further noted by many in the West, including the influential US alternative media website Infowars.com who in their article De-Dollarization: Russia Is On The Verge Of Dealing A Massive Blow To The Petrodollar warns the American people:

“Is the petrodollar monopoly about to be shattered?  When U.S. politicians started slapping economic sanctions on Russia, they probably never even imagined that there might be serious consequences for the United States.  But now the Russian media is reporting that the Russian Ministry of Finance is getting ready to pull the trigger on a “de-dollarization” plan.

The regions in eastern Ukraine that have just declared independence have given the government in Kiev until Wednesday to pull their forces out of eastern Ukraine or else face war.  If a full blown civil war does erupt in Ukraine, it is going to take this crisis to a completely new level.

Unfortunately, most Americans are incredibly apathetic at this point and know very little about what is going on.

But in the end, this could have dramatic implications for all of us.”




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