Moscow Astounded As Top Mob Boss Becomes Ukraine Leader


In a series of new reports from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) on the election of Petro Poroshenko  as the next president of Ukraine, the overriding sentiment of Kremlin diplomatic officials can only be described as one of “astonished glee” as this most troubled of nations (provided with “substantial” help from its US-EU allies) has selected as its leader one the most corrupt, secretive and mysterious members of its criminal oligarchy class of billionaires.

Since its independence in 1991 from the former Soviet Union, these reports note, Ukraine has been looted by its oligarchs to the extent that its citizens now make barely $3,000 a year in income. 

Russia itself, it should be remembered, suffered the same fate as Ukraine, during the 1990’s, after Western-backed oligarchs attempted to destroy the country, many of whom, since Putin took power in 1999, have been foundmysteriously dead or imprisoned.

This latest election in Ukraine, on the other hand, these reports continue, “clearly shows” that these peoples have not learned the same brutal lessons being forced upon them by their criminal Western-backed oligarchy class as the Russian people did many years ago, but who under Putin have seen their income rise to nearly $18,000 a year.

Being hailed by the propaganda Western media as the “Chocolate King” for his ownership of candy companies, this report continues, Poroshenko (Forbes #1335 richest man in world) is most importantly known to Russian intelligence agencies as being one of the global leaders of the feared Red Mafiya (aka The Russian Mob) , a position once held by his father Alexei Valtsman from the Odessa region and who in 1956 took on the last name of his wife, Yevgenya Poroshenko.

Poroshenko, this report says, started his weapons, gambling and prostitution business by laundering the money of Soviet times’ administrators. He has never been an entrepreneur to start a business of his own, that story was invented by Western media propagandists.

Poroshenko business was dirty and it started with plundering Ukraine state property by armed gangs. The Poroshenko family had plans to expand the activities beyond Ukraine and Tatyana Mikoyan, a well-known Kiev-based lawyer, remembers what the family did in Transnistria, “It was horrible back in the 1990s: illegal arms, prostitutes, drugs – all bringing profits to father and son.”

Poroshenko Sr. was awarded for his merits and in 2009 he received the Hero of Ukraine decoration bought for him by his son who paid to then President Yushenko, the Godfather to Petro Poroshenko’s children. The now President-elect is also well known for misappropriating budget funds and has the reputation of someone who knows how to make money out of thin air.

Many times Poroshenko has been accused of being involved in large scale corruption schemes, open lobbying, embezzlement of budget allocations, tax evasion, illegal operations to acquire shares and physically threatening political opponents and competitors and has been described as one of the most odious figures in Ukrainian politics and heads the list of the country’s corrupted persons.

Poroshenko, this report continues, is most famous for owning the confectionary firm Roshen, which has factories in both Ukraine and Russia (Russian factories have been seized) and is the owner/leader of UkPromInvest, a mysterious holding company that has no website but boasts interests in bus manufacturing, car distribution, shipyards, banking and electrical cables, among other things that Russian intelligence experts list as arms dealing, drugs and prostitution.

Poroshenko and his fellow oligarchs have further walled off much of Ukraine from the prying eyes of its people, turning land that was once for everyone to enjoy into an elite playground, including his own mansion built to resemble the American White House.


To understand why the US-EU would want such a criminal oligarch to lead Ukraine, this report warns, one must first understand that what is occurring today in Ukraine is a self-destructive financial dynamic of impoverishment, dependency and breakdown in many ways like what happened when Rome’s creditor oligarchy plunged the Empire into the Dark Age two thousand years ago.

The post-feudal real estate and financial oligarchies, the landed aristocracies of Europe and the great banking families and American trust builders have made a comeback, and the New Cold War is intended to lock in their victory. Ukraine is simply the latest battlefield, and battlefields end up devastated.

After all, it should be remembered, this is how neoliberalism works, subduing economies by indebting their governments and using unpayably high debts as a lever to pry away the public domain at distress prices everything of value…such as Greece this week where these once proud peoples are being forced by their new US-EU-IMF-World Bank “masters” to sell off 110 of their most beloved and beautiful public beaches to the world’s oligarch class.

And in a further affront to the Ukrainian people, their new “masters”, like they have done in Italy this past week, will have the criminal monies made from prostitution and illegal drug sales included in their gross domestic product (GDP) calculation this year so as to extort even more money out of them for the benefit of the oligarchs.

Most sadly of all, perhaps, is that the looting of the Ukrainian people has already begun by their new “masters” as the finance ministry of Washington’s stooges in Kiev (who are pretending to be a government) has prepared an economic austerity plan that will cut Ukrainian pensions from $160 to $80 so that Western bankers who lent money to Ukraine can be repaid at the expense of Ukraine’s poor.

Though Foreign Minister Lavrov has announced Russia is ready for dialogue with Poroshenko, this report concludes, it is only in the context that Moscow has long known how to deal with these Western criminals… “Give them enough time and they will destroy Ukraine themselves.”



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