Germany Races To Stop US-Backed July Terror Attack



A chilling new report prepared by the Federal Security Service (FSB) says that Russian intelligence experts were contacted earlier today by Germany’s foreign secret service agency Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) and warned that the Obama regime is planning a “catastrophic 9/11-type false flag terror attack” to occur on or about 28 July in order to “mask” the pending collapse of the current global economic system.

According to this report, the BND contacted the FSB earlier today after it had arrested a second Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent engaged in “grave terrorist offences” in Germany relating to “nuclear devices”being smuggled into both Europe and America for an attack(s) to be blamed on the shadowy Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ISIS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who like Osama bin Laden before him is being funded by both Saudi Arabia and the US.

The uncovering of this plot by the BND, this report continues, was due, in part, to secret National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) documents released by former CIA agent whistleblower Edward Snowden and which were due to be published last week.

When contacted last week by the reporters due to release this information, this report says, the BND “requested and received” an “assurance” from them not to publish the full details of their discovery until Germany intelligence agents were able to arrest the CIA terror cell members and (hopefully) stop their planned attack.

Critical to note in support of this FSB report is that the highly respected freedom of speech, cryptography, spying, and surveillance organization Cryptome, upon their learning of the planned suppression of these Snowden documents warned last week:  “July is when war begins unless headed off by Snowden full release of crippling intelAfter war begins not a chance of release, Warmongerers are on a rampage. So, yes, citizens holding Snowden docs will do the right thing.”

Also important to note, Glen Greenwald further explained that his failure to release these Snowden documents by stating: “After 3 months working on our story, USG [the United States government] today suddenly began making new last-minute claims which we intend to investigate before publishing.”

In a further confirming of the BND’s fears, this FSB report says, Snowden information that was released Sunday include “fresh revelations about a secret overseas nuclear project, double-dealing by an ostensible ally, a military calamity that befell an unfriendly power, and the identities of aggressive intruders into U.S. computer networks.”

Germany’s fears relating to a planned false flag attack engineered by the US, this report explains, is rooted in their previous experience dealing with Washington during and after the tragic 9/11 events, and which in a suppressed 2002 official German government report shockingly stated:

“On Monday 6, August, 2001, at 17:50, [German] Ambassador Ischinger personally  notified the President of the United States that information developed by the  Bundesamt fur Verfassungsschutz [German domestic secret service] as well as the  BND [Bundesnachrichtendienst, German foreign secret service] indicated that an  attack by a radical Arab group partially based in Germany was to occur on 10-11 September, 2001.

The President was at that time in residence at his farm in Texas. Our [the German’s] Ambassador was acting in direct response to instructions from Foreign Minister Fischer.

This information was developed from official surveillance of Arab extremist groups operating in theFederal Republic as well as from intercepted communications between the Embassy of Israel and the Israeli Foreign Ministry in  Tel Aviv concerning this matter.

The information was “gratefully received” by the US President who stated at the time that he was also aware of the same pending assaults.

Subsequent to these attacks, the office of the US President, through the US  Department of State,made an urgent request to the government of the Federal  Republic of Germany that no reference whatsoever should be made to the official warnings given by Ambassador Ischinger.

In order to clarify the background of this matter, this Gesamtubersicht [overall survey] of the events leading to the assault was prepared, basing on extracts of reports from our [BND’s] foreign stations. Overall, it is evident that the American authorities were aware of the pending attacks.” [Read full report HERE]

As to the timing of this/these false flag terror attacks being planned by the Obama regime, this report continues, is due to the rapidly collapsing global economic system, and which caused the “central banks’ central bank” Bank for International Settlements (BIS) to order during the last fortnight that the world’s central banks “stage a market collapse now rather than later.”

Information coming from America, this FSB report further notes, is that the US Federal Reserve is now apparently heeding this order from BIS and is planning a“controlled collapse” of the American economy, and which with the collapse of Portugal’s largest bank today, Espirito Santo International SA, shows may indeed be “too little too late”.

Important to note about this coming global economic collapse are that the “drivers” of it are the same as we warned about in our 28 June 2007 report US Banking Collapse ‘Imminent’ Warns French Banking Giant in which we forewarned: “French banking giant Société Générale Group, through its subsidiary SG CIB, the 3rd largest corporate and investment bank in the Euro zone, has warned today in a confidential report that the American banking system is in danger of ‘imminent collapse’ due to the hedge fund failures at US banking giant Bear Stearns…”

Most unfortunately, especially for the American people about our 2007 warning, was that they had been “conditioned” by US intelligence covert agents to only believe what their government propagandists told them was true…but which the Financial Crisis of 2007–08 showed how wrong they were when they lost trillions of their savings and pensions, and tens of millions more were thrown from their homes.

In fact: As we had warned on 28 June 2007 that the collapse was coming in order for people to be able to protect themselves…as late as 11 March 2008, top US financial expert Jim Cramer of CNBC was screaming at his viewers… “Do NOT take your money out of Bear Sterns! Everything is FINE!”  Six days later…Bear Sterns collapsed.

To the events being described in this FSB report, however, it should be noted that (hopefully) these Western peoples are much wiser to “The Great Game” being played with them being, once again, the pawns who will suffer the most…but who are less likely to believe the “official story” now being drilled daily into their minds…even as these planed Obama regime terror attacks are about to be unleashed.




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