Ebola Sierra Leone: Koinadugu District Closes Its Borders

Momoh Konte

Koinadugu District has closed all its borders from the rest of Sierra Leone and neighboring Guinea, as a desperate measure to keep the district free from the deadly Ebola virus that is ravaging the country.

Being the only district in the country that has not yet recorded a single Ebola case, a philanthropist indigene of the district, Mr. Momoh Konteh, is spearheading efforts to maintain the enviable record of Koinadugu.

Starting Monday 4th August 2014, all vehicular and human traffic to and from the Koinadugu District had been halted.

While the initial border shut down is due for one week, various district stakeholders are expected to meet on Friday to review the decision and decide whether or not to extend the blockade.

A task force comprising of people from various works of life in the district has been constituted to ensure the implementation of measures aimed at protecting the indigenes from the deadly virus.

To prevent a halt in business activities in this district during the period of this blockade, Mr. Konteh has put aside a revolving fund of two hundred million leones to facilitate trading activities.

With this sum, traders importing goods into the district will have to pay for their goods at the community bank, and the Task Force will ensure the purchase and safe delivery of such goods.

A joint team of military, police, medical and youths are currently manning all entry and exit points in the district.

Plans to establish an isolation ward to care for Ebola patients are well underway, the Task Force has announced.

“All chiefdoms in the district shall form neighborhood watch committees in all sections of the chiefdom to monitor compliance and embark on sensitization on basic preventive measures,” a press release issued by the task force announced, adding that a market intelligence committee will also be in place to prevent traders from taking advantage of the current situation.

While the Koinadugu District Council has not received a dime from the central government, the private businessman Mr. Momoh Konteh has invested at least two hundred and fifty million leones in this campaign to safeguard his people.





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