I Told You They Were Coming


So again, I am giving it to you straight. They are leaving Africa in boats, and if ONE just ONE of those is carrying Ebola, well,,.. thats enough. Isn’t it ?

Recently I published a post abut my frustration of the Cayucos coming again. Pateras. Immigrants from North and West Africa heading for the Canary Islands, worst case drifting up to the Mainland Spain.

Its Starting.

Migration has become a way of life in todays world. Whether it is because of War, Hunger or Famine, we have all become accustomed to “Refugees” “Immigrants”, “Orphans”. Literally bombed into movement or starved into little to no other choices: one thing is for sure, the evolution of Man ensures that our feet keep on moving in desperate times driven on by the very instinct to survive. By whatever measures.

The Canary Islands and Spain have always seen more than their fair share of Immigrants arriving from West and North Africa, But the ‘movement’ of the people and their motivation is causing alarm and concern.

Here is a recent snapshot of “Arrivals”

10.08.2014  (ElPais) –

Up to 7 boats with 84 immigrants on board, including 8 children, have reached the coast of Cadiz, Cueta and Alicante in the last 48 hours.

09.08.2014 (ElPais)

The first boat reached the beach of Torrevieja with 6 people. 5 are detained in custody and 1 was confirmed as having had escaped.

06.08.2014 (Elpais)

A boat with 11 immigants, mostly Algerians was intercepted 25 miles off the coast of Alicante. They are all male aged between 25-35 years


26.07.2014 (lavanguardia) Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Salvamento Maratimo continues in the search of a boat that left a beach North of El Aaiun in Western Sahara heading for the Canary Islands

There has been no more mention in the press on the Islands about the “Protocols” put into place for the Ebola Epidemic given the Geography of the Canary Islands in relation to West Africa. I scoured the Gobierno de Canarias web information site and the only reference to Ebola was a cached page which is years old and has no references for the Residents or Tourists.

Chatter amongst the villagers is soley about the Padre. Taken to Madrid for treatment for Ebola. Shockingly for the majority of people I have spoken to, this seems to be genuinely the first time they have sat up and paid attention. Whilst others have never heard of Ebola before.

5 countries in West Africa practically under lockdown…and flights are still operating???  Why??

Reports are coming in from around the world of new and suspected cases every day and the CDC’s latest “Chestnut” that  “being within 3 feet” of an infected person or “being in the same room” with an infected person can allow the virus to infect someone else!  They also admit a person who is infected, but not yet showing symptoms, is contagious! is great cause for concern.

So again, I am giving it to you straight. They are leaving Africa in boats, and if ONE just ONE of those is carrying Ebola, well,,.. thats enough. Isn’t it ?


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