Ebola Sierra Leone: Ban On Prison Visits



The Public Relations Officer of the Sierra Leone Prisons, Opito Mohamed Jimmy has said that the Prisons administration has resolved that nobody would be allowed to visit any prisoner in all seventeen Sierra Leone prisons around the country.

He said the reason for the decision is to stop the spread of the dreadful Ebola virus which has the potential to kill prisoners if it enters into the various Prisons.

“If we have a single case of the Ebola Virus in a prison it would be a disaster in this nation,” Jimmy said.

The management of the Prisons he added has set up different committees to prevent the disease from entering into the various prisons he said, adding that they have provided prisoners with buckets and chlorine to wash their hands and that they are continuing to sensitize inmates in all Prisons across the country.

“To protect our inmates, we have created separate units for new prisoners coming into our different prisons and all new inmates are isolated and observed for days before allowing them to mingle with the others,” Mr. Jimmy said. He went on to say that the government of Sierra Leone through the Prisons Department is proving food and shelter and basic needs for the prisoners.

However, he maintained that they are now advocating to the government of Sierra Leone to provide them with safety gears to help in the prevention and spread of the deadly Ebola Virus.




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