Ebola At Monrovia Prison Compound ? Inmate Death Raises New Questions



After killing many doctors and nurses at various hospitals across the Liberia, the deadly Ebola virus has reportedly attacked inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison Compound leaving one inmate dead. The Ebola virus has entered the country since February of this year.

Details of those that have come in contact with the virus remains unclear as the effort made by our legal affairs correspondent to get to the caller for further information could not materialize on grounds that receiving phone calls are prohibited. The dead inmate is not named because the caller, who relayedthe news, is also being detained at the Monrovia Central Prison.

Last week, the Liberian Government through the Ministry of Justice  embarked on measures in releasing some inmates as a mean of de-congesting  the over crowdedness of the Monrovia Central Prison Compound  in the face of the Ebola virus outbreak in the country.

The Ministry of Justice’s statistic confirmed that over 100 inmates, who allegedly committed crimes that are bailable such as theft of property, criminal coercion, aggravated assault, criminal trespass and criminal mischief have been released from further detention, expect crimes of the first degree felony which include murder, rape, armed robbery and treason.

A caller name withheld, who is also an inmate detained at the prison on allegation of murder, relayed the death news to FrontPage Africa’s judicial correspondent via mobile phone. According to the inmate, prior to the death of the pre-trial detainee, he has suffered from severe diarrhea and constant vomiting, which prompted prison authorities to isolate him from other inmates for fear of contracting the deadly virus.

The death of the inmate, whose identity is not given, brings to two the number of inmates, who have died in recent times. The first was a pre-trial detainee, Augustine Kollie, who was allegedly found hung on a blanket in Block “D”, cell number 10 on Thursday, June 8, 2014 at about 3:00 PM by Correction Officers.

Block “D” is considered as hell on earth where homosexuality is said to be rampant with powerful inmates allegedly sodomized the weaker ones to satisfy their sexual desire. Inmate Kollie had spent three years in solitary confinement without trial on allegation of Armed Robbery.

Prior to his sudden death which was attributed to committing suicide by prison authority at the time, he never had the opportunity to have his days in court as required by law that an accused person presume innocent until the contrary is proven in a court of competent jurisdiction. When contacted the Ministry of Justice confirmed the death of the inmate, but said he did not die from the deadly Ebola virus but was infected with HIV and Tuberculosis.





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