Ebola Trial Drug Trumpeted In Liberia Is : ‘PESTICIDE’


Monrovia – A trial drug introduced in Liberia as a possible cure for the deadly Ebola virus is nothing more than a pesticide which was recently rejected by health authorities in Nigeria.

A group under the banner Concerned Citizens of Liberia chaired by Mr. Nathaniel Blama a Montserrado County Senatorial candidate told a news conference last weekend that it had secured a Product “Nano Silver” that they feel can be used to deactivate the Ebola Virus if given to a patient of Ebola.

The group claimed that it had found a solution for the Ebola virus that has killed hundreds of people they discovered a Nutrient call Nano Silver. Blama said: “Nano Silver, from our research, has shown that it has the power to cure lots of illnesses and diseases, including the ability to deactivate the Ebola Virus.”

The Nutrient according to Blama is made up of crystal mineral water and Macro Particles of refined silver. The Nutrient, he said, is nontoxic, self-sterilizing and inexpensive and does not require refrigeration and is being manufactured in the United States of America and has been in circulation since it was first discovered in 1994 by the department of defense in the USA.

“Dr. Rima E. Laibow, medical director of the Natural Solution Foundation has had a long history with the Nano Silver and has used it to cure highly chronic and infectious diseases. She, however learned from classified research that indeed Nano Silver has the potential of deactivating and neutralizing the Ebola virus,” Blama said.

But FrontPageAfrica has now learned that the drug has been rejected by the Nigerian government, which had initially struck a deal to accept Nano Silver solutions to treat Ebola from a yet to be named “Diaspora Nigerian” who claimed to have “invented” Nano Silver. Nigeria rejected the drug after the US Food and Drugs Administration has stated that the Nano Silver solution being paraded in Nigeria as a cure for Ebola is classified as a pesticide.

Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, Nigeria’s minister of health later abandoned the use of Nano Silver donated by the unnamed Nigeria because an independent assessment showed Nano Silver can’t treat Ebola. Chukwu noted that Nano silver will not be administered to Ebola patients because it did not meet required standards. The Lagos state government has also issued a similar statement denouncing the drug.


“You will recall that last Thursday, I announced that we were ready to deploy an experimental drug, Nano Silver, if it was cleared by the national health research committee. Although, the drug had since last Thursday been made available to the emergency operation in Lagos, it had not been administered to any patient, because we were awaiting clearance from the national health research ethics committee.”

“I regret to inform you that the drug did not meet the requirements of the national health research ethic code. Accordingly, approval for its use was withheld. I wish to inform you that another candidate drugs are currently being evaluated by the Treatment Research Group for EVD. As soon as any of the experimental drug is cleared and made available, we shall include it in the treatment regimen subject to the informed consent of the patient.”

The minister told a news conference in Lagos last week that the drug was recommended by some experts and that the government remained open to any solution aimed at tackling the virus. “Nano silver was recommended to the government and we did not just accept it, but subjected it to evaluation,” he said.

Despite Nigeria’s rejection of the drug, the concerned Liberian group is trumpeting the drug as a proven cure, “convinced beyond all reasonable doubts that the safe, non-toxic, inexpensive nutrient, Nano Silver, with its potent characteristic is a curative for Ebola virus.”

Over the past four months, 2,127 people have been infected with the virus in West Africa, of whom 1,145 have died. Ebola, which is transmitted through direct contact with the blood or body fluids of infected people or animals, causes serious hemorrhaging and can have a 90 percent mortality rate.To date only the ZMAPP has been used as a clinical trial in Liberia.

Last week the government received the first three doses of the Drug Z-Mapp, which was brought into the country via a Delta Airline Flight accompanied by Foreign Minister Augustine K. Ngafuan. The drug has been administered to two Liberian doctors Zukunis Ireland and Abraham Borbor and Dr. Ireland is said to be well and has left the isolation center.


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