Ebola Tenerife: First Blood Test Returns Positive For Malaria, Patient Still In Isolation Awaiting Second Test

Kevin Garcia Red Cross Nurse

Kevin Garcia Red Cross Nurse

The Ministry of Health of the Canary Islands, has reported this morning that the results of the first analysis carried out by the Instituto of Health Madrid have returned a negative ebola result: the patient however returned a positive result for Malaria.

The patient, a nurse recently returned to his home in Tenerife after returning from working at an Ebola Clinic in Sierra Leone, will remain in Isolation until the results of the second blood test have been confirmed. Meanwhile he will receive treatment for Malaria. The nurses family will also remain at the same hospital under observation.

Further samples are expected to be taken on Monday and sent to the Institute of Health  in Madrid, where under current protocols established, should return a result within 24 hours.

The patient has now been identified as Kevin Garcia, He entered the Spanish Red Cross in 1999, and  In 2007, Kevin Garcia took part in a humanitarian intervention in Mauritania to meet the landing and sanitary control five hundred immigrants.

But his urge to help and sacrifice for others under the most trying circumstances was not satisfied with that mission. And in 2010 he traveled to Haiti to support the victims of the terrible earthquake that devastated this Caribbean country. At that time, he went as a delegate hygiene promotion in the Emergency Response Team (ERU) mass sanitation.

He has also collaborated on interventions in the Peninsula and in other international missions with non-governmental organizations.

One source said Lieutenant Kevin Garcia is a reservist in the Military Emergency Unit (UME) based in Los Rodeos. Apparently, he participated in the 2012 fire that hit the mountains of Adeje and Vilaflor Guía de Isora on the Island of Tenerife.

His wife is also a nurse, and they have a child under the age of 2, both of which are currently in the same hospital in Tenerife under observation.



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