Dead Men’s Secrets




Dead.Men’s.Secrets(Full) by Jonathon Gray


……..The story about to unfold concerns a technology whose citizens were
rich beyond our dreams. I shall show you how a global Flood minced it to
atoms. How subsequent attempts were made to revive the lost glory. And
how a fiery holocaust intervening, most of the survivors became savages.
It’s time the truth was out. So many theories have been foisted on so
many people for so many years. We’ll never know all the facts, but there’s
enough to ignite an explosion in conventional circles.
And when you consider we’re stripping bare our secret past, our own
early days on planet Earth, our very own family history, it grows exciting
indeed. I suspect that as the evidence progressively interlocks, you may
sense the swelling excitement of one who has suddenly touched down upon
some unknown new planet.
The discoveries are explained in everyday language in order to kindle
interest within the general population.
It’s a tale of vast riches—forfeited, forgotten and found.

There is something ominous here. We have, early in the twenty-first
century, awakened to find ourselves in the super culture arena. As we leap
to new, unimagined heights, we suddenly come eyeball to eyeball with our
past, awakening to the realization that we’ve been here before.
Last time, as now, the world scene was overshadowed with violence and
corruption. The end was almost total annihilation.
One is tempted to ask, Might something like this happen again? Could a
holocaust be looming of such proportions that it will parallel the first
We may be better able to evaluate this question at the close of our probe.
Meanwhile our excursion into the past offers a feast of hidden delights.
Let’s begin…


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