The Ra Material (The Law of One)


Our research group uses what I prefer to call “tuned trance telepathy” to
communicate with an extraterrestrial race called Ra. We use the English
language because it is known by Ra. In fact, Ra knows more of it than I do.
Ra landed on Earth about 11,000 years ago as a sort of extraterrestrial
missionary with the objective of helping Earthman with his mental
evolution. Failing in this attempt, Ra retreated from the Earth’s surface but
continued to monitor activities closely on this planet. For this reason Ra is
highly informed about our history, languages, etc.
Probably the most difficult thing to understand about Ra is its nature. Ra is
a sixth-density social memory complex. Since Earth is near the end of the
third-density cycle of evolution, this means that Ra is three evolutionary
cycles ahead of us. In other words, Ra’s present state of evolution is millions
of years in advance of Earthman’s. It is not surprising that Ra had difficulty
communicating with Earthman 11,000 years ago. The same problem still
exists in our present “enlightened” time.
At this writing we have completed over 100 sessions of experimental
communications with Ra. This approximate 300,000 words of information
has suggested to me a possibly more adequate scientific paradigm. Only
time and future will serve to validate and expand this paradigm








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